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About Macrogen

Macrogen, a leading company in precision medicine and biotechnology, was established on June 5, 1997 based on the Genomic Medicine Institute of the Seoul National University College of Medicine. In February 2000, Macrogen became the first ever bio venture in Korea to be listed on the KOSDAQ. Since then, Macrogen has continued to be actively engaged in R&D fields of genetic and genomic analyses. Today, Macrogen has become a global expert in genomic analysis and a leader in Korean biotechnology, working closely with over 18,000 research clients across 153 countries worldwide. In addition to providing services to clients all over the world, Macrogen contributes to the advancement of bioindustries through a wide range of R&D and CSR activities.

Business Areas

Macrogen’s business can be categorized into four areas: Research application for government agencies, universities, and research institutes; Clinical diagnostics for patients and medical specialists; Personal genomics for the general public; and Applied fields, including forensic and pet genomics.

Research application is the very backbone of Macrogen. Macrogen provides Sequencing analysis (CES, NGS), Biochip analysis (Microarray), Oligo synthesis, Genetically engineered mice (GEM), Bioinformatics and other services required for biotechnology and clinical research.

Precision medicine and clinical diagnostics are the key areas that Macrogen is actively investing and carrying out researches in. These include cancer genomics, prenatal genomics, rare disease genomics, and personal genomics, through which Macrogen provides personalized methods for diagnosis, treatment, and health management.

Macrogen also offers iD4U™ genetic testing services for kinship and personal identification, as well as myPETGENE™, a genetic testing service for pets. Macrogen is also actively performing genomic analysis of all life forms, human and non-human.

Macrogen’s outstanding technical expertise across a variety of business areas has allowed it to become a leader of the global genomic analysis market. By furnishing personalized individually tailored medical information based on genomic data, Macrogen is taking the lead in the realization of precision medicine in the 21st century.

Global Network

Macrogen has overseas subsidiaries and a network of overseas branches in the United States(Psomagen), Japan, Europe, Singapore, Spain and Oceania including its headquarters and Daejeon branch in Korea. Through them, Macrogen provides a customized service to meet the requests of local customers. Macrogen is a global bio company capable of providing faster and more systematic responses to customers.