ABOOBA (Newborn Screening)

ABOOBA is a genetic disease screening test performed on newborns within 24 ‒ 48 hours after birth. The purpose of the test is to prevent the risk of children’s hereditary genetic diseases by testing for metabolic disorders, which are dangerous diseases that occur within 1 year of birth but can be treated when detected early.

ABOOBA detects genetic disorders for newborn babies based on Whole Genome Sequencing, leading to more comprehensive result compared to other platforms such as chip and MLPA being used for newborn screening.

Test procedure

Turnaround time
2 weeks after the arrival of the sample.

~0.5mL of blood (Preferable) or buccal swab sample. Macrogen provides BD Quikheel™ Lancet to help collect a blood sample for ABOOBA.